My Other Ride’s a Scout Walker: 9 New Paint Jobs for AT-AT

Foolish Skywalker.  You don’t know the power of a pimped-out Imperial Walker.

Like any self-respecting nerd, I can remember clearly the first time I laid eyes on George Lucas’ famous Star Wars films.  However, where most people’s first exposure to the legendary trilogy began with an Alderaanian ambassadorial ship fruitlessly fleeing the tractor beams of a menacing Star Destroyer, mine were decidedly different.  You see, I saw “The Empire Strikes Back” first.  Which means while all of you were meeting a young orphan from Tatooine with a thing for shooting womp-rats, I was watching him slice up a snow beast with his laser sword.  While you thrilled to the antics of Obi Wan making dragon noises to scare ignorant Tusken Raiders, I was watching huge robots crush the rebel scum on Hoth.

I’m not sure whether watching the movies out of order forever set me apart from other Star Wars geeks in my perception of the series, but one thing’s for sure: that Hoth invasion remains one of the most vivid moments in the series for me.  I still smile when I imagine those lumbering machines plodding their way toward Echo Base.

Sometimes, when I’m extra bored, I wonder whether the Imperial engineers who dreamed up the AT AT design didn’t regret making the legs so darn long and easy to trip up.  It appears I’m not the only one that muses on such hypotheticals, as Steven Anderson demonstrated handily with his recent re-imaginings of the AT AT colour scheme.  It seems Steven found the bland grey exterior of the towering walker a little too humdrum, and took it upon himself to suggest some alternate paint designs.  Which I will now list, with accompanying smart-ass commentary.

1) A-Team Inspired Design

Something tells me Mr. T wouldn’t have a problem getting behind the wheel of this pretty baby.

2) Herbie The Love Bug Inspired Design

This just proves a classic rule: if it works on a Volkswagen Beetle, it’ll probably work on a walking tank.

3) The Scooby Doo Gang’s Mystery Machine Inspired Design

And we would have taken over the whole universe, if it wasn’t for you darn rebels!

4) Mario Kart Inspired Design

I can just imagine a trail of banana peels hanging out the back of this thing leaving spun-out snow speeders in its wake.

5) Kill Bill Inspired Design

Hey, Quentin Tarantino steals shamelessly from pop culture, why can’t we steal back?

6) Dukes of Hazzard Inspired Design

Of course if you went this far, you’d have to install a Dixie Horn as well.

7) Harry Potter Inspired Design

Probably my first thought when re-designing the AT AT colour scheme would be: “let’s make it look like a train.”

8) Grease Inspired Design

I like to imagine John Travolta taking part in off-the-clock AT AT drag races in this one.

9) Knight Rider Inspired Design

I feel like this one’s not too much more exciting than the standard paint job…

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Via: Bite Daily