Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch: Hold the Key to Time

Time is definitely one important thing in life. Once lost it can never be regained. We go to great extents to keep pace with time. One thing that helps us in our efforts is the watch. One day without a watch makes everything go haywire. Realizing the importance of this gadget many designers have come up with their own versions of the age old machine. One of the latest ones to enter the arena is the Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch.

This new offering from Hublot is a part of its Confrerie line of luxury watches. Its name La Clé Du Temps translates into English to mean the ‘key of time’. This very unique timepiece not only helps read the time but acts as a time machine in its own capacity. It gives you the power to control time. You can make your watch move faster or slower than the normal time.

The face of the watch is a combination of dials. The upper right hand corner houses the dial to tell the time while the lower left hand corner has a reverse power indicator. Above this is the selector for speeding up or slowing down the time. You can alter the time by using a crown on the left of the watch. The interesting part here is that you may change the time to go fast or slow, as you wish, but can be assured of getting back to the real time. The watch, very intelligently, keeps track of the real time and can bring you back to it whenever you desire to do so. How useful this mechanism can be in real life is yet to be thought upon but it will definitely be an object of pride for the owner.

The Le Clé Du Temps can be said to be a shift from the usual Hublot standards. The case is matt black and has hints of glowing green color which give a very futuristic look to the piece. To complement this is the metallic plate which gels perfectly with the design. A very striking feature is the jutting cylinder at the bottom of the case. This contains the tourbillion that drives the watch’s movements.

The Hublot Le Clé Du Temps is a watch that has been designed with passion which can be clearly seen in every aspect of the product. It will be equally owned and prized by every proud owner.

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