Movi Camera Lets You Edit Video as You Stream It

To complement their live streaming video platform, NYC-based startup Livestream have just launched a 4K camera that enables you to edit the video as you stream it.

Launched in 2007 and known for a while as Mogulus (that definitely made it sound like a streaming service for moguls), Livestream is a live streaming video platform that’s currently used by such customers as Spotify, World Economic Forum, Tesla, Space X, and more than 200 local TV affiliates. The first piece of hardware the company came up with was Broadcaster, an entry level device that could be connected to any camera that had HDMI video output. Next, Livestream launched the Studio HD line that included switchers with multiple camera inputs. That must have sounded like great news for anyone wanting to shoot professional, multi-camera productions, but the latest product to come from this company is yet again targeting regular consumers. The Movi camera, which is capable of streaming video at resolutions up to 4K, enables its users to edit content on the fly, or just record and share it later.

First thing you’ll notice about Movi is its ridiculous size for a camera that records and even streams 4K videos. It’s slightly smaller than your head, and as The Verge’s Sean O’Kane noted, it puts a multi-camera setup in your pocket.

Secondly, but most importantly feature-wise, Movi comes with real-time editing capabilities. Not at last, Movi is a connected live streaming camera that benefits from a feature-rich companion app. For the time being, the Movi app is only available for iOS, but Android support should be available soon, too. Once you fire up the app on your iPhone, Movi will start detecting faces and motion. The most impressive aspect is that it gives users nine different shots to choose from, each of them shot at a different degree of zoom.

It’s the companion app that really boosts Movi’s real-time editing capabilities, as it enables users to zoom, pan, or move to a different shot using touchscreen gestures on the iPhone.

The video shot with the camera’s 150-degree lens and 4K sensor can be stored either on a microSD card (a 16GB one is included in the package), or in iPhone’s internal memory. The video can be streamed live or it can be shared later using your favorite service. The downside of streaming it as it’s being shot is that Livestream charges a monthly subscription for that, and I don’t know if people will step on each other’s toes to pay $9 each month and get their video online instantly. That’s definitely a negligible amount for vloggers, but casual users might have second thoughts.

Even though the retail value of the Movi camera is $399, Livestream is taking pre-orders for it on the Movi website for $200. The MSRP seems a bit steep, but the pre-order price tag is rather decent, considering the device’s features.

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[via Mashable]