LIVV Headphones Withstand High-Impact Training Conditions

Listening to music while doing physical activities can have a major impact on your motivation, but depending on the intensity, your headphones might fell off. Unless they’re LIVV headphones, that is.

Former American footballer Mark Clayton created a pair of headphones that are meant to stay on your head after you put them on. American football is obviously rougher than jogging or going to the gym. In other words, Clayton had a first hand experience of that it happens when you want to listen to music while doing high-impact training.

Clayton stated that “I’ve tried everything in the market headphone-wise. In-ears are the best for function, but the bud can become irritating after a while of having it jammed down your ear. Over-ear headphones, which are the most widely available, are more comfortable, but don’t stand a chance in intense activity.”

With that in mind, Clayton started working in 2011 on a pair of wireless headphones that could withstand high-impact training conditions. The band that wraps around the head of the wearer is contortional, fact that keeps it in place.

Since these are wireless, they obviously connect to your smartphone or portable media player via Bluetooth. Users have 5GB of internal storage at their disposal. Once fully charged, the battery should provide 4 to 5 hours of playback or talk time, since these headphones can obviously be also paired to smartphones for talking.

Dale Lott of Aurisonics, the man in charge for engineering these headphones, detailed the technical specs of the drivers: “We chose a 40 mm titanium driver for its superior frequency response between 10 Hz and 22 kHz.” The Livv heaphones also include the aptX codec that make the HTC One M8 and the Xperia Z2 tablet such great devices in terms of sound quality.

Clayton has started a crowdfunding campaign for the LIVV headphones on Kickstarter, where people can pledge $179 or more in order to secure a pair of Livv headphones for themselves. At press time, there were 56 more days to go and about $190K left to raise from the $200K goal. Should the campaign be successful, backers will get their headphones in April 2015. Hopefully, the Livv headphones will hit the market and will make the other sports earphones just a long-forgotten memory.

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