Split Standalone PMP Is Completely Hands-Free

Greenwing Audio’s portable music player is as inconspicuous as it gets, since it does not include any wires and the music is simply controlled by bite clicks.

One might jump to the conclusion that these earbuds use Bluetooth to play the same content synchronously, but that is wrong. The Split standalone player actually includes two clocks that are perfectly synchronized. Greenwing Audio’s product does not feature any buttons, fact that makes it an even more intriguing invention.

Each of the two earbuds has a magnetic part, so that people using Split don’t lose or misplace them. When the earbuds are taken apart, music starts playing automatically and synchronously in both of them.

Changing the tracks or the volume is as easy as biting. A single click changes the tracks, while two clicks modify the volume, the options being low, medium, high and mute, as seen in the above picture. To prevent accidental biting that would trigger unwanted reactions from Split, users have the option of blocking the player by taping the right earbud, as depicted below.

One thing Split is ideal for is sports. Music motivates us and helps us go beyond our limits. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you shouldn’t listen to loud music while outdoors, especially in areas with cars.

Split can really be worn with any kind of outfit, as it’s elegant and stylish. Considering the small size of the earbuds, one must wonder where the music is stored. The player comes with a storage capacity ranging from 64MB to 256MB. The retail model will provide space for 24 songs (not if you’re listening to progressive rock, though), which should be enough for working out or for getting from home to work.

The standalone music player comes with a USB cable for charging and another one for music transfer. Greenwing Audio works on unifying these two into a single cable.

Despite being depicted as red in most of the images and in the following video, Split will also come in black, pearl, purple and citrus.


Split is currently featured on Kickstarter, where Greenwing Audio hopes to raise $435,000 for mass-producing the no-strings-attached portable music player. Pledging $155 is a way of securing your own split, but considering the great amount the developer needs, I doubt this will ever be produced, despite the innovatory concept.

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