Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 Keeps Notebooks Cool

There is a good reason why the name of this product includes the word “Touch” in it. This stylish laptop cooler made by Logitech features a retractable multi-touch pad.

The main focus of the manufacturer is functionality. First of all, the large touchpad that is integrated in this product has very generous dimensions, fact that makes Web browsing a lot easier. Besides that, it is retractable, which means that in its compact form, this laptop stand does not take a lot of space. Ergonomics plays a very important role for people who are interested in portable devices and accessories for such devices. The cover dissipates heat very well, so it does not get to your feet or lap. This means that you can work or play for longer times without experiencing any discomfort. The surface of the product features an anti-slip design, so the laptop stays in place once you put the stand under it.

Another great advantage of this laptop stand is the fantastic battery life. The manufacturer claims that Lapdesk N600 can run up to 6 months on a single charge. The lack of cords is yet another upside of this product. The multi-touch pad connects to the notebook via a USB wireless receiver that measures less than one inch. Because it has such small dimensions, it is very safe to leave it plugged in. There is no need to install any drivers, since the USB receiver is plug-and-play.

Not at last, the touchpad also features several one-touch buttons that allow you to turn the volume up or down. In addition, there is a button that switches the multi-touch pad on or off, as well as  a button that launches the Web browser. Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 is available on the Logitech web site for $69.99.

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