Lit Motors Announce Electric Foldable Scooter with Large Cargo Space

You must have come across many foldable scooters and bikes that actually work, and also look cool. However, they usually turn out to be pretty expensive, and may not be very environmentally friendly.

San Francisco-based start-up Lit Motors have announced an electric foldable scooter that is not only environmentally friendly but also pretty inexpensive. However, the mainstay of the foldable electric scooter is that it offers a huge cargo space, which would be very useful for those who use their bikes to carry stuff to their business, especially small businesses.

The foldable electric scooter can carry a large box, or even a person in times of crises. When you fold it, it becomes half of its original size, and that can be pretty convenient for the user. The foldable electric scooter by San Francisco-based start-up Lit Motors is targeted at the Indian and Chinese markets where money is a big problem, and people usually do not have motorized bikes.

Vendors usually carry their goods on push carts and bicycles, which eventually tire out the user, and they may not have such a great day at their business. These foldable electric bikes would help such vendors to carry stuff that they sell in the markets and also when they are done with selling, they could fold the bike and take a bus or train back home. In the U.S. it is expected to cost $2,000 to $4,000 but when it is released in India and China, it surely is going to be cheaper than that.

Lit Motor’s CEO Daniel Kim revealed that the scooter is targeted at developing countries where fuel efficiency, lack of efficient vehicles for vendors, and also poverty make life miserable for small business owners who need to travel from their homes in the suburbs to the markets in the city to sell their wares on a daily basis. A foldable scooter which is electrically operated like the one by Lit motor would allow people in these countries to work efficiently, be environmentally friendly and also save money. You could also take a look at 20 Electric Bike Designs that we had featured earlier. The Hub-less Bike is pretty cool too!