Low End iPhone Without Retina to Launch in 2013

With each and every new iPhone that Apple release coming complete with new features, they’re going in a new direction with a ‘low-end’ iPhone, minus retina.

iPhone 4 image

How many iPhones are too many iPhones? It’s a question that has been asked a lot recently, with those looking to purchase a new phone being overwhelmed by the widespread saturation of ‘i’ labelled cellular devices on the market, while Apple, on the other hand say ‘too much is never enough’. The technology giant believes in this mantra so much that they are both preparing for the release of the iPhone 5S (rumoured to be out in a few months, this Summer) and simultaneously developing the iPhone 6, each one complete with a plethora of new updates.

News has now hit that Apple are working on yet another iPhone, like the iPhone 5S, this new version of their universally popular phone, is rumoured to be out this year. However, in a complete 180 degree spin from adding every bell, whistle and headline grabbing feature to the (yet) unofficially announced device, the team at Apple are scaling it down.

Said to lack many of the extras that the iPhone 5 included, this new ‘low-end’ iPhone is said to include a plastic case and is to release without Apple’s famed ‘Retina Display’, the latter of which brings updated HD graphics and visuals to users.

While no price has been announced for the low-end device, Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets, revealed in a note to investors (which has been obtained by AppleInsider), that “with a lower price point, Apple will be able to target a growing and important part of the smartphone market (sub-$400 price band)”. This suggests that Apple are shooting for a much lower price point than usual, to corner a sector of the mobile market that is oft neglected by the flashy and also incredibly expensive handsets that most technological companies are releasing.

This cheaper handset is also likely to be released to capture a slice of the market in developing countries, such as those in Asia and South America where trends have suggested a soar in popularity for smart phones.

While the success of this phone is not vital to Apple, who could see sales wain due to their flooding of the market, we will know for sure the level of consumer fatigue when the device hits its rumoured ‘June-July’ release date.

Source : cnet

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