Pump-Action Oreo Gun Shows the Sweet Side of Going Ballistic

The way this pump-action gun splits Oreos might not coincide with what the manufacturers of these cookies had in mind, but this doesn’t make it any less impressive.

The owner of The Slingshot Channel on YouTube, otherwise known as Jörg Sprave, is quite a regular on Walyou. His creativity and unusual taste for DIY weapons has been documented over the years by numerous colleagues of mine. The latest product of his ballistic mind is a pump-action wooden gun that is capable of blasting Oreo cookies into oblivion. On a different note, this also proves that people who have a passion for guns can still have a sweet tooth.

Joerg Sprave talks a bit about his creation in the description of the following video: “It’s a basic human desire to destroy an OREO cookie with a pump action crossbow. Some men simply love neither cookie nor creme, so sometimes a man just needs to invent a badass crossbow to do the hard work of shooting the two from a powerful homemade weapon. Today, that man is meat lover and cookie-destroyer Jörg Sprave. Watch him operate the repeating 14-shot weapon he created that separates OREO cookies.”

The video shows Mr. Sprave testing the gun in three different scenarios, to see how Oreos manage against cardboard boxes, brick walls and ballistic gelatin. While the Oreo cookies penetrate the cardboard box on both sides, they stand no chance against the wall or the gelatin.

As stated in the description of the video, the pump-action Oreo gun is able to separate the cookies, and that a bit differently than you might have expected. When done shooting, the cream is all over the place, and the cookie is all bits, pieces and crumbles. Needless to say, the Oreos are not on the edible side of things after that.

At the end of the day, this is still a gun, but who would be capable to frown when faced with a smiling man (dressed up in a bloody “Zombie Outbreak Response Team” t-shirt, mind you!) who shoots Oreo cookies? According to Jorg, this is a manly way of separating an Oreo! I can only agree to him and I admit that I’m rather curious to see what this German DIY weapons creator has in store for us in the future. Hopefully, he’ll also make a gun that shoots M&Ms.

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