Lubricheck Brings Automotive Care Into 21st Century

Making sure that your car is running smoothly and effectively is rarely all that fun.  However with a new device from WaveOn Technology checking your car’s oil levels will be quite a bit easier.

While even the coolest and most new age cars can break down, there is now a device that will allow you to check out whether or not the vehicle you are driving is healthy and working right.  The Ing-Q vehicle, which is a pod like vehicle, still runs on parts and fluids that can cause quite a bit of problems if something goes wrong.  Even the world’s fastest helicopter needs to be kept up as good as humanly possible and the new Lubricheck might even be able to help with that.

While still technically in development, the Lubricheck is a device that would allow you to put a drop of oil onto the pad and the device will then be able to tell you a great many things about the health of your vehicle.  Of course the device will be able to tell you when it is time for an oil change based on how gunky and thick the oil has become but it will also be able to tell you if there is a leak of other liquids such as a brake fluid that is getting into the oil.  If such a leak was occuring that could mean catastrophe for your car.


The Lubricheck is a wallet sized device that will retail for $30 and as an added bonus, whatever the device tells you about your engine can actually be uploaded to the company’s iPhone or iPod app as a way to keep a detailed history of the measurements you have recorded with the device.  With the Lubricheck, there is more of a bonus than being able to find out if contaminants are in the oil.  The device’s developers believe that by regularly using Lubricheck you will be able to actually extend the life of the oil that is currently in your car as there are times when people change oil when they don’t need to.  By determining the freshness and level of the oil as often as possible, Lubricheck is expected to extend the interval between oil changes to more than 2-5 times between changes.