Amazing Suicune Sculpture For Pokémon Fans

The art of sculpting has various levels of creativity and genius to it. This sculpture of Pokémon Suicune is hands down part of the highest possible tier.

The water-type legendary Pokémon looks at its most majestic after being crafted in the hands of Deviantart member KinokoKoneko or going by his actual name, Samuel.

Samuel isn’t new to the Pokémon sculpting business, and has quite a few cute creations in his collection, including the line of sleepy ones with Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard – all incredibly cute.

Amazing Suicune Sculpture For Pokemon Fans

But his work on Suicune is a bit different. More serious. More epic, which fits what Suicune is: the game mascot of Pokémon Crystal, and the one which represents the rains that quenched the flames of the burning Brass Tower.

Next up for Samuel, who you can sort through his gallery here, are Raikou and Entei. You can also follow his progress on Instagram, posting updates of how he’s coming along with his next creations. It’s not just Pokémon, but plenty of dragons and other mythical monsters that he makes beautiful sculptures of.

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