Lumi Mask: Wake Up With Your Eyes Closed

The Lumi Musk is a pair of spectacles that wakes you up by imitating the natural way of bringing rising sun’s light into the room. Very few of us wake up at the time or with the help of sunlight any more. Many a times, keeping the window open is not feasible as the air conditioner is on or the sunlight in the morning is just too disturbing. Moreover, alarms are dreadfully loud, sudden and prove to be an irksome way to start your day.However, the Lumi Mask on the other hand is the exact opposite. The Lumi Mask is kind of a sleeping mask that wakes you up in a tranquil, healthy manner. Once you have set the alarm, half an hour before the given point of time, the mask begins to emit light and illuminates; dimly at first, and then increasing the brightness gradually. At the set time, the light is the brightest and the beep goes off to mark the ‘sunrise’. This method is scientifically proved to work and saves from all the irritabilities of the alarm.

The design of the Lumi Mask is remarkable and every aspect of the user’s comfort has been taken into account. The mask is made of supple yet spongy, neoprene foam that is soft on skin and does not cling on too tight as the straps are adjustable. The front of the goggles has ample space in the form of circumvention for movements of the eyelids. An LED is sewn onto the inside of the soft satin fabric of the product and which acts as the source of the ‘sunlight’.

Just imagine how serene and convenient if you could have a Lumi Night Goggles of your own. Invention of Taylor Franklin Hide, the Lumi mask is kick-starting project. Franklin, at the time of invention, had estimated the required investment in the project as $10,000. He has managed to raise over $4560 until date and is confident that his project is worth the entire investment. In fact, the wake-up technology used by the Lumi Goggles is scientifically convincing and highly practical. It is the perfect remedy for erroneous sleeping patterns and for those who have trouble waking up. Your investment could be as small as $1 but your contribution could help this worthy product hit the market, so that you could buy one.

This is a great way to seek good sleep. But those of you who have a sound sleep, gadgets such as Vuvuzela Alarm and Aluratek Internet Radio Alarm Clock can be of great benefit. Video to be posted.