24 Deliciously Designed Lunchboxes

Relive the joys of your childhood and mom’s packed lunches with these sweet lunchboxes in all the coolest designs you could’ve ever dreamed of as a lil tyke (and the grown up version, too).

Bacon Lunchbox

Lunch box

This bacon lunchbox is perfect for the pork-lovin’ politician – err, breakfast man – everywhere. Jews & Muslims need not apply.

Pirate Lunchbox

Lunch Box

Via: Perpetual Kid

Avoid scurvy with this Jolly Roger lunchbox, perfect for the (bit-torrent) pirate inside you.

Hello Kitty Lunchbox

Geek Lunch box

This Hello Kitty lunchbox satiates any nerd’s appetite for a geeky but cute Japanese pussycat.

Chew Chew Train Lunchbox


This chew chew train lunchbox is full of tootin’ goodness.

Healthy Ellbee Lunchbox


This lunchbox combines style and cute character veggies to encourage kids of all ages to enjoy a healthy snack.

Sandwich Lunchbox


Via: Nerd Approved

This lunchbox is reminiscent of some good old-fashioned white Wonderbread sandwiches. Now if only you could stop thinking about what else it may resemble!

Sandwich Lunchbox


The sandwich lunchbox looks exactly like a sandwich; this includes bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Now take a bite, but only if you have teeth of steel.

Antique Lunchbox

Chinese Lunch Box

Via: One of a Kind Antiques

The King, I, and his 60-something concubines are sure to flip the lid of this antique styled lunchbox.

Apple Lunchbox


Via: Geek Schwag

For those of you that buy into the empty-room marketing tactics, this Apple lunchbox will be sure to tempt you with its simple design and standard functions that every other lunchbox has (even though they also have better), complete with the used Apple logo.

Laptop Lunchbox


Bite into technology with this laptop lunchbox.

Toolbox Lunchbox

 lunch box

Via: Behance

This lunchbox has a dual container function. It holds both your tools as well as your lunch.

Trailer Lunchbox

Lunch box

Via: Z Recommends

Because TPT has to eat, too, these trailer-shaped lunchboxes allow them to take a bite out of their squalor, literally.

Jimmi Hendrix Lunchbox

Lunch Box

Via: Fan Pop

Now you can take your own magic mushrooms to the party in this psychedelic Jimmi Hendrix lunchbox.

Wonder Woman Lunchbox


Wonder Woman has never looked so tasty!

Wall-E Lunchbox


Wall-E wants you to fall in love with him all over again, inside and out.

Lego Lunchbox


Via: Not a Brown Bag

Because there’s simply not enough Lego-stuff in this world, you also need this cool Lego lunchbox. Just, please, don’t put dog-food in it like they did in the pic.

Mario <3s Zelda Lunchbox

Zelda lunchbox

Via: Avaneshop

Mario and Luigi cheat on themselves with Zelda on the front of this lunchbox.

Pac-Man Lunchbox


Via: tOkKa

Gobble up some goodness with this Pac-Man lunchbox.

The Flying Nun Lunchbox


Via: Fan Boy

Go retro with the Flying Nun lunchbox.

Star Trek Lunchbox


Via: Fan Boy

More retro tv hits the lunchbox with this cool Star Trek one.

Stormtrooper Lunchbox


Via: Technabob

Join the Stormtrooper squad with this lunchbox.

R2D2 Lunchbox


R2-D2, the world’s most beloved little beeping robot, now comes in lunchbox form.

Darth Vader Lunchbox

Lunch box

Darth Vader eats, too, and so can you (from his head).

Boba Fett Lunchbox

Lunch Box

Boba Fett will hunt you down if you don’t eat every bite from his lunchbox.