Enjoy a Ride on a Macaroon Covered Renault Twizy

The ultimate in “sweet rides” – a macaroon covered Renault Twizy rides into the annual Salon du Chocolat to show the ultimate in pleasures…sweets and automobiles!

Looking to make a sweet ride even sweeter? Of course you can trick it out with snazzy rims or a killer sound system. But that is so…typical. If you want to make your ride really sweet, what about adding actual sweets to it? And if you are going to go that far, add one of the most popular sweets out there – French macaroons.

With the recent trend of automobile-related artwork becoming more and more popular, one French pastry Chef, Pierre Herme, opted to cover a black Renault Twizy with lots and lots of colorful macaroons. The automobile was placed on display at the annual Salon du Chocolat, known to many as the Paris Chocolate Show.

Pierre and his helpers individually glued on approximately 1,700 pastel-colored macaroons, adding an additional 23kg to the weight of the car. The macaroons were placed along the body of the car as well as the wheels! In total, it took two days to finish the design. Watch a video of them making it here! (Along with clips of models wearing some amazing chocolate fashions!)

I don’t know about you, but I can find much better things to do with 1,700 macaroons…namely eat them. (And then probably get super sick a la Homer Simpson and the 64 slices of American cheese.)

The design was touted as a great collaboration between a pastry chef and a vehicle. All I know is that this is a great combination of two things I enjoy – macaroons and cars!

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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