Sensu Portable Artist Brush & Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

If you are an inspired artist or just love to draw and doodle this next pen gadget is for you. The Sensu Brush will give you a unique painting experience on your tablet or smartphone, this two-in-one brush and stylus is the ultimate tool for digital artists and for art fans. Paining with your fingers on a touch screen can be a difficult task especially if you are not gifted with thin fingers, in this case the Sensu artist brush is a great new gadget that will make your painting experience on your touchscreen device more fun and of course professional.


At a first glance this brush looks like a regular painting hair brush, but don’t let it’s “regular” look fool you since this patent-pending brush is a special one which will work on touchscreens devices. Here are a few nice facts about this futuristic concept brush, first you don’t need batteries or to charge it so it’s good to go anytime, second the brush delivers a high-level art-making with acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, marker and much more and third there’are already many existing drawing and painting apps that are fully compliment with this Sensu brush.

Here is a closer look on this brush features.

“Water-paint” is one of this product features.

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This stylus is great for sketching and writing or as a general navigation tool.  From acrylic to watercolor, charcoal to marker, these apps deliver a high level of art-making reality. With the holiday seasons upon us this magic brush can make a great gift for those who love to paint and doodle. This new concept brush retails for $39.99, for more details make sure to visit Sensubrush.

There are lots of available painting and drawing apps which will work amazingly with the Sensu brush and actually this is where this brush true potential lies. You can easily find some on the App Store or in the Android Market so you can  download the perfect one for your  touchscreen device. The Sensu works with touch screens like the iPad and iPhone, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire S, Google Nexus S, the Motorola Atrix, and many more.