Mad Catz Introduces Hybrid Game Controller L.Y.N.X. 9

Mad Catz’ latest gaming peripheral looks more Optimus Prime or Megatron than your typical third-party controller, but that is exactly its selling point.

LYNX9 folded image

Revealed at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the L.Y.N.X. 9 is a hybrid game controller for both PC and Android devices that can change its practical form, almost like the transforming robots of cartoon and film fame.

With a few simple arrangements, the L.Y.N.X. 9 can change from its compact, easy-to-travel-with form, to fit a wide range of situations.

LYNX9 parts image

Need a fully-sized gaming controller for your PC, with dual analog sticks, shoulder buttons, and the works? The L.Y.N.X. 9 can do that. How about an attachable controller for your tablet or smart phone that can give you the best of portability and control input? The L.Y.N.X. 9 can do that too, and with ease. So long pesky on-screen touch controls.

LYNX9 with keyboard image

LYNX9 with tablet image

The L.Y.N.X. 9 promises to be a “no-compromise, full-size controller experience” that “will work with pretty much anything.” And from what is included with the L.Y.N.X. 9, Mad Catz means it. They’ve also built in a small track pad and an in-built mic to the controller, and for situations that call for texting, a keyboard module that snaps into the bottom.

Mad Catz plans on release the L.Y.N.X. 9 sometime in 2015, and at an interesting price. $299. Expensive, yes; much so than any current third-party controller out on the market. But if the L.Y.N.X. 9 is superb in function, it might attract the high-end gaming consumer that’s looking for something to bridge the gap in all their input needs, both on the couch and on-the-go.

Source: Mad Catz

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