Gaming Madden 15 & Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundles Confirmed By Microsoft

Madden 15 & Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundles Confirmed By Microsoft

Microsoft announces two new Xbox One bundles heading to North American retailers this fall.

Madden 15 Xbox One bundle image

It started on Monday with French retailer mistakingly posting a price listing for a Sunset Overdrive bundle that included a white Xbox One unit. And within 24 hours later, through Microsoft’s own official admission today, one Xbox One bundle heading to retailers this fall turned into two.

Both bundles will be centered around two major upcoming titles, Electronic Arts’ Madden 15 and Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive. The former arriving August 26, alongside the full wide release of the gridiron title, with a standard Xbox One unit, no Kinect, and a digital copy of Madden 15, this includes the three Pro Packs for Madden Ultimate Team, for $399 USD.

Sunset Overdrive Xbox One screenshot image


The bundle for Sunset Overdrive meanwhile, will feature the appearance of the white Xbox One console, which were only specially made for Microsoft employees. Now the ivory-looking console will be paired with the “radical-infused” third-person shooter come this fall, and interestingly enough goes head-to-head with Sony’s white PS4 bundle for Bungie’s Destiny.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to date or price this specific bundle, but considering that Sunset Overdrive itself is set to exclusively release on the Xbox One come October 28… Well, it would be within the realm of possibility that the bundle should release around the same time. We’ll check back with you for further updates.

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