Real warfare: fill up 100 water balloons in less than one minute

Get ready to become the ultimate warrior at your neighborhood as you up the ante with real warfare for the water balloon wars: this will give you more than enough ammo.



Ah, summer, the season of friends, family, good times… nah, scratch that. It’s the season of war, at least when it comes to water balloons. That’s why someone came up with this ingenious device capable of filling up 100 water balloons in less than one minute. The project is called Bunch O Balloons, hails from Texas (of course), and has already raised over $840.000 USD via Kickstarter, in order to become a reality.

War, war never changes. With Bunch O Balloons you’ll be sure to never be without ammunition as the balloons fill up fast and tie themselves, so you just got to throw them. It’s almost like activating easy mode! Check the video below to learn more about it.

Via Geeky Gadgets

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