PlayStation Vita Passes The Drop Test

Sony’s latest handheld successor gets drop tested in this video from GizmoSlip.

PlayStation Vita Drop Test GizmoSlip Image

It’s the last week of March. Meaning, the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s well-equipped gaming-dedicated device, is about a month removed from it’s Western launch… Actually, it’s more like three months if you consider the Japanese release was back on December 17. But we’re all freedom-loving Americans here, so we won’t. (USA! USA! USA!)

During that short time, gamers everywhere have been able to get cozy with the Vita (all thanks to our superb PlayStation Vita guide, of course.) Discovered the devices many in’s and outs. I mean it, too. Our friends over at iFixit did their usual top-notch dissection of the Vita, and found out some rather awesome things – one of them being the ease at which you can replace the battery. Look ma’, no adhesive!

We’ve picked through some of the Vita games too. Which ones are worth their weight in gold (hint: Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, WipEout 2048) and which are holy poo poo (hint: Michael Jackson The Experience HD, Little Deviants, Asphalt: Injection.) I’ll go on record in saying that compared to previous gaming system-launch offerings, the PlayStation Vita probably has one of the best. Possibly, ever.

All things considered – no we’re not going to talk about sales numbers, those are for losers – feedback for the PlayStation Vita has been surprisingly good in almost every aspect. Yet, there’s still one test this blossoming handheld still needs to be put under. Dun, dun, dun!

The drop test! Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn! (Okay, I’ll stop. Promise.)

Friends, say hello to GizmoSlip. Aside from reviewing the latest in tech, they put our favorite gadgets through their everyday paces – like if an iPad can handle a blast from a stick of dynamite (it doesn’t) – just to find out how much real-world scruff they can take. This time around they set their sights on the PlayStation Vita, and using a high-speed motion camera, test to see if the Sony portable can survive a four feet drop.

Good news, everybody! It amazingly does! Well, kind of. You’ll see. Oh, and WARNING: The video you are about to see is performed by professional gadget droppers, so don’t try this at home, intentionally.

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