MixStik Remembers Cocktail Recipes So You Don’t Have To

Serving guests with beer or wine is so yesterday, when there are so many cocktail recipes out there! It’s just that remembering all of them would be rather difficult, but MixStik could take care of that for you.

Brought to us by Magnified Self, the same company that invented the B4RM4N connected shaker, the MixStik is a connected device that takes away the burden of remembering hundreds of cocktail recipes. I guess that with gadgets of this kind, anyone can become a barista, right?

The secret behind any connected device is the companion app, and in MixStik’s case, that’s where the cocktail recipes come from. Without the app, the device is just a stick made from food grade silicone with a few RGB LEDs and an USB connector for charging. But once connected to an Android or iOS smartphone running the companion app, magic starts happening. The cocktail recipe is transmitted from the mobile device to MixStik using Bluetooth, and the device’s LEDs light up according to the quantity of each ingredient that needs to be poured in.

The top of the stick features Magnified Self’s logo, but it would have been much nicer if it had some sort of display on which the type of glass is shown. After all, some cocktails call for Old Fashioned glasses, while others must be created in a Highball or a Collins glass.

The great things about this device don’t stop here, mind you! Assuming that you use a non-conventional glass or shaker for your cocktail, the app enables you to calibrate it by measuring it’s height and diameter. It’s really nice of the developers to have taken this into account. On top of that, it can also be used for light painting or as a lightsaber, since it features an accelerometer.

Glasses aside, a smartphone running the app can handle and send cocktail recipes to up to 5 MixStiks. In other words, your guests won’t have to wait in line for cocktails to be made one at a time. Keep in mind that apps for the most popular mobile platforms will be developed, but for the time being, there’s only a beta version for iOS, available here.

As the B4RM4N connected shaker before it, MixStik is a project on Kickstarter, where Magnified Self looked to raise $39,000, a funding goal that has been exceeded within hours since the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign. At press time, backers had pledged $67,427, so there’s no doubt that this connected cocktail stick will make it to mass production. Early birds could have it for $25 or $29, which is much less than the expected retail price of $59. Regular backers can still secure a MixStik for themselves by pledging $34 or more. Deliveries are expected to start in March 2016, so you’ll have the MixStik with you just in time for the torrid days of summer.

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