Explosive and Delicious Magnum Ice Cream Ads

Advertising continues to impress, agencies constantly finding new ways to shill products. Food seems easy enough to market, but these newly-released Magnum ice cream ads will make you crave some instantly. Their new ice cream bars contain liquid-filled chocolates; a gimmick, sure, but a tasty-sounding one. I’ve purchased liquid-filled gum (Freshen Up) and liquid-filled candies (Gushers) in the past simply because there’s some weird appeal to the concept. The advertisements by Diver & Aguilar for these ice cream bars make the frozen treats appear to be literally exploding with creamy liquid goodness, a beautiful and mouth-watering sight.

From what the information I’ve read shows, this isn’t the work of CGI, although photo editing was undoubtedly used to post-process it to some degree. Instead, using detonators, small explosives, and some fast photography, they were able to capture images of exploding ice cream in a way which makes it look even more delicious than it would in bar form. By setting the shots to be taken at mathematically-timed moments, they were able to capture the exact moment to get the best frame of the miniature explosion. Whether it’s the bright colors of a fruit-flavored bar or the mixture of tan and brown chocolate tones, the visuals are incredible. In many, you can even spot chunks of goodies like peanut butter cups or chocolate spheres bursting with something tasty.

Magnum Chocolate Explosion

Magnum Fruit Ice Cream Explosion

Magnum Orange Explosion Advertisement

Magnum Temptation Advertisement

Magnum Temptation Explosion

… And the making of:

High-speed photography can make for some very unique photographs, often a great way to capture products in motion to make them even more appealing. Obviously, it’s not the only way to sell something, and you can see some other fun ads here on Walyou such as this Beautiful Japanese Phone Ad and an Alfa Romeo Space Invaders Ad.