Makey Makey: Playing Super Mario Bros With A Banana Controller

Of all the weird controllers we’ve seen, these are probably the craziest. Seriously, have you ever dreamed of playing Super Mario Bros with a banana?


There’s just no way to put this little gizmo in words, but here’s our best attempt. MaKey MaKey maps keys of a computer or console to basically anything, so each time the user touches the object it’s connected to, it interprets it as a key stroke. This might seem weird, but just watch the video below:

Yep, Pac-Man with a pencil keyboard, or Dance Dance Revolution with water buckets. What’s next, guitar hero with an actual guitar? What, that’s called music, you say? Whatever, dude.

If you want to hear more about this project that surfaced first on Reddit, head over to Kickstarter and check out their campaign.

Thanks to Kotaku for breaking this story for us. Check out some other weird controllers at SNES Bluetooth Controller for Android and X-rays of Video Game Controllers.