Manifold Clock Renders Time in 3D

Have you ever thought of time as manifesting in three-dimensions? Probably not, if you’re like me and were incorrectly taught in school that time is the 4th dimension! However, the Manifold Clock proves that the flow of time can be captured in three-dimensional sculpture.
3D Clock 1a

The Manifold Clock is a very unique timepiece whose steel hands are connected with a long piece of printed Tyvek – the same type of plastic that express envelopes and concert wristbands are made of. As the hands travel around the clock, the Tyvek “sail” creates various surreal and psychedelic three-dimensional shapes. It’s a simple concept, but one that looks great. For the record, you read the clock just as you would a traditional timepiece, though of course this is anything but traditional.

3D Clock 2

This clock would look great in a modern apartment, especially if it has plain white walls; the colours of the orange/green version would pop dramatically there. I couldn’t find a photo of the white colourway, but it would also look very striking on a white wall. The tacky white base might also look a little nicer if it was neutralized by the surrounding wall.

3D Clock 3

The brown/blue version of the clock could actually work well with a more traditional house, as the colours and shape of the clock give the suggestion of something natural or organic, like a butterfly or moth taking flight.

3D Clock 4

The design, by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger of Studio Ve, is quite affordable for such an artistic centerpiece like this one, costing $45. It might be more than you’re willing to spend on a clock, but this one is certainly not an ordinary timepiece.

3D Clock 5

For anyone wondering about the practicality of how the sail “unwinds” itself, the ends of the Tyvek have a pocket for the hands; it’s not glued down. So, the minute hand simply twists inside the tube around the one-hour mark. Simple, yet a very smart solution!

3D Clock 6

If you’re on the hunt for some more interesting designs in the timekeeping world, look no further than the “Front and Back” clock where the batteries serve as the hands of the clock as well as its power source. Also take a gander at the geeky Keyboard Function Key Clock if you’re looking to add a bit of nerdy chic to your office space.

Via: Arch-Times