The Atari 2600 Lamp Brightens Your Home With Retro Goodness

The Atari has always held a special place of significance for me, as it was the end of an era for my competitive gaming with my father. We would always sit down together for a round of frogs and flies or Warlords, but as the kids got older, we also got better. My dad, not being a gamer to begin with, couldn’t keep up with the new games and technology that kept pouring out. Eventually he gave up entirely, although he occasionally attempted again every so often with disastrous results (He could never go the right way when playing Mariokart, for example). In that vein, I took one look at this Atari 2600 Lamp and I think I would love to have one! Sure it is a bit over the top, and my wife might question why we need a lamp that looks rather hideous on the surface, but I’m sure I could find a place to put it somewhere.

As you can see, this lamp is the real deal. If you scoff at the idea of destroying an Atari in order to make a light fixture, the console was already busted before the conversion. The cartridges are fitted with an improved pupe core in order to keep the stack up and running (and not like a big game of Atari Jenga). If you’re looking to create one for your own, know that it isn’t a light undertaking. The author states that it took three weeks of constant work to get the model done. The lamp will be on display at the AtariAge booth at CGE. Be there or be a big fat Atari square.

If you’re looking for some other retro goodness for Christmas, you can pick up a pair of Atari Flashback Earrings for your geeky girlfriend. If you want to get back to it and play some old Atari games on your PC with the authentic experience, you can use this USB Classic Atari Joystick. Not a bad Christmas present idea, if I do say so.

Via: Retro Thing