thingCHARGER Is the Only Wireless Charger You’ll Ever Need

With an interchangeable charging connector, two USB ports and a replacement for your power socket, thingCHARGER is a strong contender for the title of the ultimate charger.

Unlike conventional wireless chargers, which still have wires between the power socket and the charging base, the thingCHARGER ditches the cables completely. The design is certainly not out of this planet, but this doesn’t even make a dent in the product’s uniqueness. Its developers rejected a spectacular design and decided to focus on functionality, something that other companies should try, as well. In fact, the developers meant for the thingCHARGER to look exactly like the product it replaces or complement, something they called un-design.

One question that will undoubtedly pop-up in your head is: but can it charge all of my devices? Well, as long as you stick to devices that charge via Micro & Mini-USB, or the Apple 30-pin and the Lightning connector, then you should not fret. Of course, there are plenty of devices out there with proprietary connectors (like the Sansa e260 from 2006 that I still own), but these can receive current either from directly from the power socket or from the USB outlets, provided that the other end of the cable features an USB connector.

One of the downsides of this charger is that if you decide not to charge the devices via USB near a desk or armchair, you basically can’t use them for the duration of the charging. Another downside is that it only comes with US sockets. I bet people from other parts of the world, who happen to have different sockets, would love to give the thingCHARGER a try.

Of course it’s all marketing what you’re going to see in the video at the end of this post, but the idea of getting two or three thingCHARGERs and locking them together is not that unusual, especially since these devices are meant to work that way. Put one into another and place all of your Android devices to charge.

The developers of the thingCHARGER are currently running a fund raising campaign on Indiegogo, but you don’t have to worry about it not entering mass production. With 16 more days to go, this project received almost 20 times its initial goal of $25,000. If you want one (or more), there’s still time! Backing the project with $29 will secure you a thingCHARGER, while a plead of $58 will get you three of these. Quite the bargain, huh? 🙂

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