Analogue Introducing Vintage Wood-Made Neo Geo Console

The arcade fun of the Neo Geo meets the antique stylings of this lovely looking home console.

Analogue NEO image 1

The Analogue NEO is a handcrafted console version of the Neo Geo MVS (Multiple Cart System), an arcade machine fondly remember for it’s big red cabinet and – as the MVS name describes – hosted a round of selectable SNK games, which arcade owners could interchange for other carts via a simplified slot-inserting system.

Analogue, who have ventured into the high-end retro console field – a field they currently share alone – with the NES/Famicom-playing Analogue Nt, has reimagined the monolithic arcade cabinet into lo-fi masterpiece that can easily sit on a mantle. The rectangular console is made from 100% ash wood and finished through a process of ebonizing.

Analogue NEO image 2

Analogue NEO image 3

Basically, the end result is a beautiful console complete with the ability to play the full library of SNK games (you can even use the original MVS memory cards that were made for the system) on a high-def television or if you’re a true purest, through a CRT monitor like the good old days. The NEO even includes the iconic rainbow-colored four-button layout that most Neo Geo machines fashioned proudly since their introduction in the early 1990s.

Analogue NEO image 4

Analogue will be producing a limited run of 20 NEOs, individually numbered and signed, that will be shipped to your door front just in time for Christmas. Price? $1499 USD. Not surprising for something in a limited run and made from quality craftsmanship.

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