NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth Speaker Is Perfect for Beach Lovers

As if sunbathing wasn’t already a very pleasant activity, listening to your favorite music can make it even better. Assuming that you’re not disturbing the others, the NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker might be just what you needed, as it’s both dust and waterproof.

Now that the northern hemisphere enjoys the torrid days of summer, many of us decide to take a few days off and go to the nearest (or farthest?) beach in order to relax and get tanned. Leaving home without the personal music collection is a big no-no in this time and age, but how you play it once you have it with you is entirely up to you. Some prefer earphones or headsets of the Bluetooth variety, others are more fond of wired headphones. Ultimately, there are the ones who would rather have their music blast from megaphones high, so that everyone could hear it. A miniature version of the latter’s fantasy is the NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker that can withstand dust and water without any problems, fact that makes it ideal for anyone who’s going to the beach.

If, in the past, portable speakers used to sound cheap, things have changed a lot in the past couple of years, and NudeAudio Super-M is a firm proof of that. The following example speaks volumes about how good the Super-M sounds. This wireless speaker, which was designed by Peter Riering-Czekalla, the Chief Design Office of NudeAudio, also performs well in terms of battery life, being capable of playing music for around 8 hours.

Hugh Padgham, a record producer who has worked in the past with such famous artists as Genesis, David Bowie, The Police and Sting, explained that “Tom (Tom Dudderidge, CEO of NudeAudio) asked me to audition the NudeAudio Move range in S, M & L against the big-brand competition and I was astonished with the rich, natural sound. I blind-tested the M and a competitor three times the price and the M won hands-down. Super-M takes this performance to the next level.”

On the third day of their Kickstarter campaign, NudeAudio’s project was 220% funded. At this rate, on August 15, when the crowdfunding campaign ends, the goal should be exceeded by at least 600%.

Pledging $79 got friends, family and early fans a super edition of the NudeAudio Super-M Bluetooth speaker, while early birds have to pay $89 to secure one for themselves. The regular price during this campaign is $99, but when retailing, this might go higher. There are no doubts now that this project will get funded, so all backers should expect to receive their Super-M speaker in September.

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