MDI Orbi Mini Clip-Phone Tracker Seeks Funding on Indiegogo

Kids and the elderly are two categories of people that require special protection and monitoring. Orbi is an inconspicuous mini clip-phone tracker that’s adequate for the ones who either aren’t familiar with the large size of smartphones, or would use such devices for other purposes.

The Orbi Clip-Phone/Tracker isn’t a Jack of all trades, as it focuses on only three functions that it performs remarkably well. First of all, it enables people to talk to its wearer in the event a vocal message needs to be transmitted. Secondly, it can display text messages, in case an emergency occurs. Most importantly, however, Orbi acts as a tracker, and can transmit the wearer’s position.

“Smart Phones changed our lives and connected us to each other like never before, with a disturbing exception: young children and the elderly,” said Dean Finnegan, CEO, MDI. “The people we care most about in our lives are the only segments of society that are not continuously connected to us, until now.”

“Parents don’t want their 3-10 year old children to have a smart phone because of the unrestricted Internet access, social skill implications, and the expense. The elderly typically don’t like the large size or complexity of smart phones. The Orbi is the perfect solution,” added Finnegan.

Unlike many other trackers, MDI’s Orbi can be clipped to purses, clothes or even walking frames, sticked to car dashboards, scooters, lunchboxes or really any flat surfaces, or it can be worn either around the wrist or as pendant. That makes it really versatile, and enables users to employ it in many different environments for many different applications.

Orbi doesn’t only come with a companion app (called My Orbi) for both Android and iOS, but it also relies on the Orbi Website for tracking or communicating with its wearer. Various stats and features can be accessed in these two ways.

There will be two different versions of this tracker, that are simply named Orbi 1 and Orbi 2 Touch. While the former features One Touch programmable emergency numbers, full feature phone functionality, water resistance, 20 pre-programmed text messages or standard texting and 24 hours of stand-by time, Orbi 2 Touch adds a touch panel interface, an integrated clip and unlimited talk/text/data from AT&T for just $9.99/month. The subscription plan is really affordable, when you think that the safety of your kids or elders depends on this.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the Orbi mini clip-phone tracker has a funding goal of $50,000, that needs to be reached within the next 25 days so that the product enters mass production. Pledgers can secure an Orbi 1 for themselves or their kids by pledging $85 as an early bird or an Orbi 2 Touch for $95. Delivery is estimated to take place in May 2016. Orbi 1 has a MSRP of $129.99, while the Orbi 2 Touch will retail for $149.99, so MDI has considerably discounted them for the Indiegogo campaign.

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