KidFit Bracelet Fitness Tracker Keeps Youngsters on the Move

Who said that fitness trackers are built exclusively for the grown-ups? KidFit is such a device built specifically for the younger crowd, as they must learn the importance of physical activities from an early age.

“Thanks” to junk food, childhood obesity has become a real problem not only in the US, but also in other countries that follow the American model. Kids nowadays prefer spending their spare time on Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram, rather than going out and play. Mind you, I mentioned playing and not running, swimming or lifting weights, as that’s the first step in convincing your kid to stay in shape. Besides running and racquet sports, the others aren’t really recommended at an early age, since the excessively growing muscles might press on the bones, fact that could stunt the kid’s growth.

KidFit might turn things around, as it helps children set a goal, overtake it, set a new goal and so on. Attributing numbers to anything (the main idea behind the quantified self concept) motivates people (and children, in this particular case) to strive for progress at all times.

Developed by X-Doria, this bracelet fitness tracker enables parents to set goals for the little ones (goals that are realistic, hopefully, for the sake of the younger crowd) and then watch their progress on the companion app. Versions for both Android and iOS have been developed, to make sure that both crowds are happy, especially when each of the parents uses a different mobile OS.

Not only fitness goals, but also sleeping goals can be set using the KidFit bracelet. The lack of sleep is known to affect both physical and mental performance, so it’s vital to make sure that the kid gets enough sleep. The functionality is not much different from the one of fitness tracking armbands made for adults, but the design is definitely intended for children.

I regret not doing more physical activities as a kid, since this was reflected later in me being out of shape (ectomorph, not obese). Luckily, it’s never too late to start moving if you want to be in shape in the decades to come.

This bracelet fitness tracker is available for pre-order on X-Doria’s website for $39.99, and after August 15, when pre-orders will be shipped, the price will go up to $50. It’s worth knowing that the company also ships its products outside of the US.

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