Amazing Alternative Art of Medieval X-Men

In one of the best Alternative art projects we’ve ever seen, Nate Hallinan decided to take some of the more prominent X-Men and give them a medieval makeover, which turns out to be too perfect for these characters.

Hallinan hasn’t completed his project yet, with concept art for all the charcters and a more fleshed out and colorful version for others, including a fictional (for the originally fictional character, mind you) biography to explain their lives in his fantasy setting.


Wolverine Order of X

Professor X

Lord Xavir Order of X


Cyclops Color

Cyclops Order of X

From the bio: Scott and his younger brother were both orphans who grew up fending for themselves on the streets. The day Scott’s ability manifested he accidentally destroyed several buildings and set fire to half the village. In the chaos of everything Scott lost sight of his brother for he couldn’t open his eye without causing more destruction. Xavier, perceiving the trouble, quickly dispatched members from his order to rescue Scott.

Lady Grey

Lady Grey Color

Jean Grey

From the bio: Jean comes from the noble family of Grey. She was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Her parents despised and discouraged her unladylike behavior, but once she developed unnatural abilities, her family feared the worse. Lord Xavier offered her parents an opportunity to provide her with guidance and protection; they reluctantly accepted.


Beast Color

Beast Order of X

From the bio: Henrick’s mind is as fierce as his appearance. Henrick was given the name “Beast” as an ironic term of endearment. He is loved by his peers and is one of most wise and trusted members of Xavier’s council. He is well educated and continues to be a scholar of many disciplines.


Nightcrawler Color

Nightcrawler Order of X

From the bio: Kyrt never knew his real parents. He was found by a band of elves as an infant. They were on a twilight march, celebrating the new moon, when they found him crawling next to his basket on a riverbank. They happily adopted him seeing that he was part elf. His enchanting midnight appearance and mysterious abilities makes him highly regarded among elves. Magic runs deep in the race of elves but Kyrt’s abilities are more potent than most.


Storm Order of X


Colossus Color

Colossus Order of X

From the bio: The mountain of metal; Colossus. His father was a blacksmith and eventually apprenticed him in the family trade. Hard labor made Peter strong but he was always larger than the other kids. His size and strength even made certain people nervous. Others even rumored that it was ‘unnatural.’ 

To follow more of The Order of X, just go to Hallinan’s website, and you can also checkout his Facebook page which includes the biographies for the characters he manipulated, in a good way that is.

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