OFF Pocket Makes You Untrackable by Blocking Signals to Your Phone

Since it seems that we are tracked at all times, regardless if we did something bad or not, it stays in our power to make sure that we get the deserved privacy by blocking all the traceable signals to our mobile devices.

OFF Pocket represents a great solution for people who don’t want to be disturbed, in general. I know a few who get phone calls from work even in their free time, and I think that’s not only one of the most annoying things ever, but also a clear sign of disrespect from the superiors and/or from the coworkers.

This solution blocks Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular signal, so that your phone disappears off the face of the Earth once it’s inside the OFF Pocket. In terms of mocking the government agencies, this is the equivalent of sticking your tongue out at them, and this is exactly what they deserve. If they proceed to listening to our phone calls and tracking our location at all times, we should be allowed to fight back. Pairing such a pouch with an RFID blocker for the new passports would give the agents a run for their money, not to mention that we wouldn’t be in danger anymore. Of course, their excuse is that they are protecting us, most probably from terrorism.

The metalized fibers the OFF Pocket pouch is made from can block every type of signal, thus leaving the government agents with a big question mark on their mind. Of course, right after getting the cell phone out of the pouch, the device will become traceable once again. Smartphones have the option of turning off some of the location-based services, but even so they can be tracked.

Its developers claim that it has been tested on all the major networks from the US. As it’s able to block those signals, it should work equally fine on any network from any country. On top of that, it is compatible with any and all smartphones and dumb phones that can fit in it.

OFF Pocket is currently featured on Kickstarter, where it has already raised more funds than the initial goal of $35,000. Pledging $85 would get people one of these pouches, and the retail price should be around that value, as well.

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