Megatron’s Revenge In Stop-Motion

If you’re a Transformers fan, meaning Michael Bay still hasn’t ruined one of the best things from you childhood with his three movies (well, one was pretty good IMO), then KRE-O youtube channel is a must. His latest video, of Megatron, after yet another defeat to Bumblebee, seeking revenge, has to be one of the funniest transformers related thing we’ve ever encountered.

The best thing about Megatron in my opinion? Is that he’s actually better than Optimus Prime, actually stronger. But the Decepticons, as bad guys on cartoons tend to, mess it up somehow. Having a number 2 that’s a backstabbing SOB like Starscream does suck as well. Did I forget to mention Starscream is my favorite Decepticon and transformer? Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Well, in this video, named ‘Megatron’s Revenge’, Starscream actually helps the out of shaped, depressed, couch potato Megatron get back in shape. I don’t see the actual robot who likes to turn into jets actually helping Megatron get back in shape unless he had some ulterior motive. Considering the ending of this video, he might have. In the KRE-O universe, or any other transformer universe, even Michael Bay’s, Megatron always loses.

KRE-O is a line of construction toys, very similar to Lego and Megablocks, belonging to Hasbro. So while we do get our brainwashed to buy more toys for our kids, or even more¬†pathetically, for ourselves, at least it’s nice to laugh on your way to the store, knowing you’re wasting your money.