Nintendo 3DS Stand: Weirdest Gaming Accessory Ever

The new Kid Icarus: Uprising comes with quite possibly the weirdest gaming accessory Nintendo has possibly ever thought up.

Kid Icarus Uprising Stand Image 1

Kid Icarus: Uprising sees the nineteen-year return from the obscure Nintendo franchise sidelines for winged-hero Pit. Cool high-flying action/adventure game that it is though, the game has many oddities to it that I can’t talk about for spoiler sakes, but one item that I can speak at liberty is the freebie that comes with every boxed copy. The Nintendo 3DS stand.

The Nintendo 3DS stand is… well, a stand. That’s it. No Mario leaping out of a secret department yelling, “Hey, ittt’s aaa mee, Mario!” Just a piece of ordinary plastic, no bigger than a picture frame, that can firmly hold your 3DS in place. Don’t bother waiting for the Mega64 guys to say gotcha, this accessory is fully licensed and somehow is suppose to make playing Kid Icarus: Uprising a better experience, comfort wise.

Although here’s the thing. While Uprising might have its control hiccups – the main set of controls has you using the circle pad in an awkward conjunction with the left trigger and stylus that gets kind of agonizing after a while – it’s certainly not made all the much better by putting it on a simple stand. That’s because it doesn’t solve what the game desperately needs in the first place, a second analog stick.

Nintendo 3DS Stand Image

That way you could optimally control the game as a twin-stick shooter. Eureka, I know. I should work for Nintendo, huh? (Who’s superior now Miyamoto!) Certainly, the more adept 3DS Circle Pad Pro peripheral would have been a nice fix and a better pack-in for such a remedy, yet for some reason – even though it was included with Resident Evil: Revelations – Nintendo decided not add support for it.

Instead, we’re all left with a stand. What a kicker that is. You (optionally) need a stand for a game on a portable device. Hmm, I don’t know about you dear reader, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a handheld game when its on longer, umm, “handheld.” Again, that’s just little ole’ me. Nintendo has been around the gaming block long enough to know what’s best – it’s not like they’ve made similar pointless accessories before.

Oh wait. Never mind.

I guess once you’re done with Kid Icarus: Uprising, which could be a good enjoyable wait seeing how there’s a lot of in-game content, you could use the Nintendo 3DS stand for other things… that I can’t think up right now… But I’m sure there has to be some! Why don’t you go off and read about this awesome gaming legends sleeve tattoo or these absolutely sweet Fallout 3 Nikes, and I’ll get back to you on that A.S.A.P.