Memento: A New App To Help You Manage Your Life

It was only a matter of time until someone invented this app.

It seems that nowadays the new trend for apps is to be very smart by gathering  information about our lives, whether its our daily routine tasks, our shopping list, our driving route, or likes and dislikes, and transform them into valuable data for us, the users.

This new app called “Memento” automatically remembers what you are doing and displays it in a beautiful and easy to understand UI. For example, if today I had a meeting, Memento will remember the location of the meeting, how much time I was there, and will store it for me to see it later. It also remembers the calls I had and places I’ve visited, so in the end of each day, I get a “map” of the things I did.

The app is available on the android market, and is at the moment going for free.

If you find yourself trying to remember when was the last time you were at the barbershop, the garage or at your friend’s house, this app is just for you. Once you download it, a Facebook login is required.

If privacy issues concern you, you don’t have to be afraid, since the app is private and your  information will remain visible only to you.