Mercenary Kings coming to Steam Early Access July 22nd

Brace yourselves, gamers; Mercenary Kings is finally here. After a year of development and a widely successful kickstarter, the game is finally ready for play.


Boasting some impressive retro-style gameplay as well as sprite work and animations by none other than the legendary Paul Robertson, this is one platforming shoot-em-up you absolutely don’t want to miss. Combining some feels from classic coin-op games, split screen co-op, crafting, you can expect great things from this upcoming title.


Robertson’s no newcomer to the gaming and retro-art scene, having worked with Ubisoft’s legendary Stephane Boutin on Scott Pilgrim VS The World the game, these veterans are once again teaming up for Tribute’s second game to hit Steam. Their first release, Wizorb, also featured work from the prominent pixel-artist himself, though it limited itself to an 8bit style, as opposed to Mercenary King’s high quality sprites and animation. You can check out a video of the game’s early access announcement right here.

If you’re getting reminders of Metal Slug after watching this, you’re definitely in the right territory. Mercenary Kings’s gameplay is set to mash up some aspects from the arcade cult classic with some modern elements and throwing customization into the fray, making the game one of a kind, while keeping a very classic feel.


Although the game itself is nowhere near launch-ready, fans who want early access can drop $15 on steam’s early access version, accessible next Monday, and get first dibs on the game, and constant updates in the game’s development. Better yet, early adopters are encouraged to report on the project, and give their feedback to help in the final release of the game. Needless to say that fifteen dollars for a game with this level of polish is nothing if not a steal, so game on!

Source: Mercenary Kings

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