Message in a Box with a Personal Touch

In the present times, means of communication are ever expanding and social networks are spreading out there wings. Amid all this comes a message box that carries with it a special feature of intimacy.

Rosanna Martlew, a student of Product Design at the University at Dundee, has come up with an innovative idea of messaging that brings about intimacy between the two communicators. The product, called Message in a Box, is a culmination of the Victorian writing slope and modern day technology.

Message in a Box is specially designed for interaction between two specific people. It consists of four predefined message texts which form the basis of a future detailed interaction. As the name suggests it contains a box within which the message is received. The box is covered with two hinged panels. Each panel has a cuboid shaped knob which helps open the box. When a person receives a message a glow emanates from within the box. On opening the box a message is revealed on a screen embedded inside the box.

The message can be any one of the predefined texts. The intimacy of the message is given an extra personal and warm touch due to the manner of its presentation. You do not get to see it in any fancy font but in a handwritten style. In these modern times, when we are so used to seeing print fonts displayed on computers and mobile phones this handwritten text comes as a welcome feature.

The entire product is hand crafted which gives an individual identity to each piece. The box is like a box of surprises which glows up whenever it has something to offer. It is like entering a wonderland every time you open it. There in front of you lies the very close and personal message from your partner.

Along with the message it gives you the joy of waiting for a greater joy to follow. After all, the message within the box is just a prelude to the bigger picture. You can follow it up with a longer detailed session of communication. Or at times it is just those few words that have a magic effect for sometimes a few words mean more than paragraphs.

Rossana definitely belongs to a generation of youngsters who have grown up interacting on computers and mobiles. It is a commendable of her to have come up with a product that fuses together the past with the present and gives us a something as special as the Message in the Box.

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Via: Yanko Design