Super Mario Bros Gets Real

Feeling retro? It seems like there have been a lot of Super Mario Bros. fan films created lately, but you won’t hear this gamer complaining. In this Real Life Super Mario Bros. video, andrewmfilms gives new meaning to the term blockhead.

Using After Effects, Cinema4D, and PFtrack, this Super Mario tribute is one of the more creative Mario clips on the web. Andrew McMurry, the man behind andrewmfilms, used his brother as the Mario guinea pig, and for good reason. Who else could you con into battling Goombas and Koopa Troopas? That’s what brothers are for!

Brother Seth quickly learns in the video that it is much better to punch the bricks than use his head, a Mario meme that has been made fun of over the years. After a well-executed Koopa Troopa stomp and scram, Seth picks up some coinage and is on his way.

Things are going pretty well and then a gun appears, allowing Seth to go all Duke Nukem on some Mario baddies. It almost seems unfair, but hey, you play to win the game. Capping a Bob-omb and putting a boot to a Goomba rounds off this Nintendo tribute.


But why doesn’t he go down the pipes? Doesn’t he know there are coins down there?! Andrew McMurry shows in this video that a little bit of fan love, and a heap of motion graphics can turn a typical day in the park to a fight for your pixilated life.

The only thing missing in this fan film is some sweet suspenders and a mustache.

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Via: andrewmfilms YouTube / andrewmfilms Facebook