80kg and 1.2 Meters Messi Vs Ronaldo Chocolate Statues created for El Clasico

In order to celebrate El Clasico, two amazing chocolate statues have been erected to resemble Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo…the two rivals from Barcelona and Real Madrid.

el classico messi ronaldo chocolate

The two chocolate statues are Playmobil themed, decorated with the team’s colors, and stand at 1.2 meters tall (3 feet and 11 inches) as to make sure every soccer/futbol fan out there will salivate.

messi vs ronaldo chocolate playmobil

Overall, over 80Kg (176 lbs) of chocolate have been used to make Messi and Ronaldo into their sweet counterparts. In addition, for those who have witnessed their previous meeting (5 – 0 in Barcelona’s favor), the smile on Messi’s face along with the frown on Ronaldo’s are quite fitting.

messi vs ronaldo chocolate

By later today, we will see who will have the last laugh…and perhaps a piece of the chocolate statue.

el classico messi ronaldo chocolate figures

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Image Credits: One and El Periodico