Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Makes Typing More Comfortable

The Redmond giant has recently launched the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop which includes a wavy keyboard with a detachable numeric pad.

As a writer, I care a lot about the keyboard I use. Over the years, I had some that were comfortable to use, others with slightly unusual designs and a galore of multimedia keys, but in 2010 I settled for a Microsoft keyboard that, while made for gaming, is incredibly useful and easy to type on. My Sidewinder X4 is clear proof that Microsoft is good not only at making operating systems, but also top notch hardware. The Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard should follow the trend, too.

Microsoft is no stranger to unusual designs. In fact, it has designed and manufactured wavy keyboards for almost two decades now (this is the successor of the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard, which was launched in 1994), under the pretext that such a design provides a better typing position and does not stress the hands that much.

As seen in the above picture, the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard features a detachable numeric pad. The Sidewinder X6 was similar in this regard, but on that one the numpad could be attached on either side, which I don’t think is the case now.

To some, this design may seem unusual and uncomfortable, but Microsoft guarantees exactly the opposite. This modern, ergonomic design supposedly sets the standard for comfort and support, according to the manufacturer. As shown in a survey conducted by the company, 85 percent of workers in the U.S complain of not being comfortable at their workplace. Globally, the problem is even worse, with 89 percent making this complain. If Microsoft cannot change many of the work conditions these men are confronted with, it will at least make some proper keyboards so that people feel great while typing.

All in all, this keyboard is supposed to help people work longer. Comfort plays a major role when it comes to productivity, so it is very important to make sure that a person who is supposed to type a lot has the right tool.

The Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard has a MSRP of $80.95, which might seem a tad steep, especially when compared with other similar products. After all, it does not have illuminated or mechanical keys. However, it compensates a lot for that with its design and the comfort it provides.

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