New And Improved Mili iPhone Projector

Any modern, compact gadget with the capability of reproducing video is a pocket-cinema theater of sorts waiting to happen. With the nifty Mili iPhone Projector 2, there’s no more waiting.

When I was a kid, my grandad had a well-kept box of slides from a 1965 family trip to Disney which he brought up from the basement at any proper occasion to treat me to a spontaneous show on the living-room wall. That’s what I was immediately reminded of upon discovering the existence of the Mili iPhone projector 2 because, in essence, it recaptures some of that old magic. It’s a little misleading that it’s been dubbed an “iPhone” projector though, because it can be used with iPods, iPads, BlackBerries, laptops, DVD players and so on.

The micro-projector itself -made of LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) and LED-driven- is placed inside a bar which is a lot slimmer than that of the Mili iPhone Projector 1. Plus, unlike its predecessor, the Mili Projector 2 runs smoothly and silently. The bar can be fully recharged in about 4 hours, but it also works as a charger: If you slot in your iPhone/iPad it will get reloaded thanks to the Mili’s removable lithium-polymer battery pack.

The device is rife with cool features and specs but the remarkable thing is that it can project great, 640 x 430 VGA quality images “across an area of up to 70″ of flat surface”. Moreover, it has a built-in stereo speaker AV slot to recreate a true movie-viewing experience as closely as possible. Given that it’s only 13.6 x 6.7 cm in size (roughly 5.3 x 2.63 in), it can be conveniently transported and used either informally or for office presentations, for example.

Available for £279.99 ($451)

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