A More Natural Way Of Charging Your Apple Devices

Docking stations are usually very modern-looking, and when in the company of an item as cool as an iPad, you probably wouldn’t grant them a second glance. In this case, though, the dock is made entirely out of wood and it provides a noticeable, back-to-basics sort of contrast which we gladly welcome.

The station is the work of Etsy user woodtec. It’s been handmade out of cedar and it can be utilized to recharge iPods -all models, with the exception of the iPod Shuffle-, iPhones and iPads. According to the product description on woodtec’s profile at Etsy, it uses a standard USB plug, which means you can connect it to your computer if you wish to put music into your iPod, or else couple it with an adapter (also included) to plug it into the wall if you want to reload your phone’s batteries.

If we’re talking iPads instead, the docking station can be employed in either of the above mentioned ways; that is to say, you may “sync with your computer and iTunes by plugging the usb cable into the computer” or else, charge it by plugging it into the wall with “the 10 watt power adapter that came with the iPad”. The ridge of the dock, moreover, is large enough to fit iPods and iPhones within their cases.

I really like the raw yet neat feel of this dock; all the growth rings and streaks of the wood are clearly visible and it doesn’t appear too polished, yet you can tell it’s been diligently worked on. Woodtec’s motto is “Re-connect with nature”, an idea that is certainly captured here. In a world where technological interconnectivity is a must, something as seemingly simple as this dock serves as a reminder that a bridge can be tended between electronics and more primitive, natural designs. It’s available at Etsy for $138.00.

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