Can’t Let Go of Portal 2? Portal 2 Recreated in LEGO

Yes, Internet, we know how you’re feeling: we also can not stop talking about how good Portal 2 is. And we want you to keep showing it love, like The Awesome One 24 does.

Introduction for those who don’t know what we’re talking about: Portal 2 is Valve Corporation‘s last game, and actual obsession of the whole Internet. The game tells of Chell’s odyssey, a test subject who intends to escape the Aperture Labs, which are controlled by the supercomputer GLaDOS,  armed with a Portal Gun. This Portal Gun is a gun that generates portals: distortions in space, or wormholes, which the player uses to solve the many puzzles in the game. Now, we see this recreated in LEGO form.

Portal Lego 06

Portal Lego 05

In this set, by Flickr user The Awesome One 24, we see a typical Portal 2 puzzle. You could imagine the character using the impulse of a fall to be shot through the portal and then bounce on the repulsion gel, marked by the blue pieces. One funny detail is that the Portal Gun is absolutely disproportionate, so the whole imagery ends up being extra comical and lovable.

Portal Lego 01

Portal Lego 02

This second set is more about the state in which Chell finds the Aperture Labs after the events of the original Portal. The author decided to respect the original colors seen in the game, so the walls end up looking similar what the player sees, which shows great attention to detail. Also, the orange/red portal in this set has a similar color to that of the game, although we would like to see the blue one somewhere in there. Bravo, nonetheless!

Portal Lego 03

The author couldn’t help himself and also recreated Atlas and P-body, the two protagonists when Portal 2 is played in co-op mode. Again, the detail level is stunning, and the respect for the colors makes the designs extra faithful to the original. Both robots end up looking as adorable as their game counterparts.

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