Ming Sliver Cases and Screen Protectors [CES 2011]

Cellphones need care and maintenance, for which the right case is very important. iPhones especially are prone to damage and with such good looks, no one wants scratches on them, and that is where the cases by Ming Brands score the best.

They have several customizable skins and cases, and each look better than the other. What’s more, you can even customize and personalize according to your taste. They have several series of cases and skins, which you might want to check out. One of them is the Sliver, which is an ultra-thin case. It provides the protection which normally only a hard case would but does not come with the ugly bulk.

There are also skins which can be customized in the ‘THINS by MING’ range. They feature a ‘bubble-free’ installation, so that your cellphone gets the perfect fit, no matter what. They can be easily removed and do not leave any residue on your device. Moreover, the ‘Thins’ protect your device against everyday use and abuse. If you buy a ‘Thins’ skin, you would also get a free ‘PROTECT’ screen protector.

These ultra-thin screen protectors maintain a sleek and chic glass feel, while providing the protection that your device needs. There are three types of screen protectors that are available, and include the ‘Cloak’, ‘Protect’ and ‘Reflect’. Many of these skins can also be used with your Blackberry Curve and Motorola Droid. The ‘THINS’ skins cost $19.95, but there are some versions which may cost more or less.

Cellphones always need to be protected by a skin that is of good quality. Ming not only provides some of the best skins available in the market, but also makes sure that they represent your personality. The skins were announced at the CES 2011, in Las Vegas. You could also take a look at other iPhone cases such as the Rorschach iPhone Case, Chocolate iPhone Case and Shark iPhone Case.