Trenchtown Rock Headphones from the House of Marley [CES 2011]

One might argue that there is no relationship between a high performance headphone and eco-friendliness. However, Trenchtown Rock by the House of Marley is an amazing pair of headphones that is not just eco-friendly, but has been manufactured with natural materials and technology that gently reminds music lovers how important it is to stay green. The headphones are manufactured with the help of FSC-certified wood, leather and high-quality recycled aluminium.

Moreover, the product has a very elegant and stylish design which makes the wearer look pretty cool too. The Trenchtown Rock comes with noise cancelling technology as well, thanks to which you would be able to listen to your favourite track sans any disturbance.

Apart from FSC-certified wood and leather, the manufacturers have also used high-quality recycled aluminium in order to remind people how important it is to use recycled products. Thanks to the 20hz-20k+hz frequency response and a 40-millimeter dynamic moving coil speaker drive you would be able to listen to your favourite track in a crystal clear manner.

You would also not hear any static sound thanks to the gold plated connectors. The coolest feature of the headphones has to be its ability to connect to iPod and iPhone without you having to reach for your device, as the Trenchtown Rock comes with integrated 3-button Apple controls. Coming back to its eco-friendly nature, the Trenchtown Rock is even packaged in recycled pulp, recycled plastic and paper and such other materials.

They have stayed true to staying green right from the beginning to the packaging of the headphones. Thus, if you are environmentally conscious and would like to set yourself as a model even when you are listening to music, you might want to buy these headphones.  The Trenchtown Rock costs $299.99 and was announced at the CES 2011. You could also take a look at the Bionic Ear Headphone and the iFrogz DJ Headphones which are pretty cool, too.