Lilliputian Computer Works Even For Us Giants

It seems these days that things are becoming progressively smaller and smaller, whether it be cell phones or netbooks. Who would have ever thought one could build a computer to fit (and work) in a dollhouse though?

Some people are gifted to have ample amount of time on their hands, letting them create and discover many creative, and sometimes odd, uses for technology and it’s compact size.  While it may not necessarily be the best computer to surf the web with or watch your favorite YouTube videos with, this little computer is actually pretty cool!

This short video shows off the creator (Fxtrip) and his tiny, doll-house sized computer. While it looks really awesome, it certainly is impractical. Along with that, this seems almost too good to be true, and I’m going to have to say that this one is fake.

While it may look like a real computer, it only appears to be a projector of sorts. While the mini-desktop itself is just for looks, the screen is some kind of phone or a small projector that has been hooked up to a real computer, allowing the use to project a real computer through this small screen. It wouldn’t take much to figure out how to wire up the small screen to the much larger set of pin-connectors that normal computers use either. Unfortunately, the user probably used his old iPod Nano (or something else that small) to display what his actual computer is displaying. Nonetheless this is an awesome display of some ingenuity and creativity. I myself would not be surprised if we started seeing computer that can be this small in the next few years, or are we already there with out smart phones? Let us know in the comments below!

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