Mininch Tool Pen Multi-tool, an alternative to screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are troublesome as they are always either too big and bulky, or too small and useless, but someone came up with a great idea for when you have to work with delicate stuff.


The gadget you’re looking at is the Mininch Tool Pen Multi-tool: a screwdriver with a focus on usability and maneuverability for when you need to work on enclosed surfaces (think a computer). The concept is based off of those pencils where users just pop the lead out, and push a button at the top to get a new point. Mininch might have come with the ultimate alternative for handiwork. The Mininch Tool Pen is shaped like a pen, so it’s ideal for small areas. Instead of writing tips, it uses screwdriver bits, and is made out of solid aluminum. It can hold up to six bits at a time, but allows users to switch between 13 available options.

Users can acquire it by funding their current Kickstarter campaign, with the lower tier that will get you the set being $45(USD).

Via Technabob

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