Pikachu Café: pokemon themed food for Nintendo geeks

Residents of Tokyo now get to taste the geekiest dish this side of the planet, as Roppongi sees its first Pikachu Café open.

pikachu food 1

What you see in this collection of pictures is not just random food with the Pokémon brand slapped in to get a quick buck: this is an actual café’s menu that will be open for a very limited time in Tokyo, in the Roppongi district. It’s called, appropriately so, Pikachu Café, and it will be open between the 19th of July until the 31st of august.

pikachu food 2

pikachu food 3

pikachu food 4

It’s also not only the café that is open, as the Pikachu the Movie XY Exhibit also opens this saturday in Japan with tickets priced at 1,500 yen (US$14.80) for adults. Sounds like a fantastic weekend plan, huh?

pikachu food 5

pikachu food 6

pikachu food 7

Via Nerdgasmo

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