6 Mismatched Movie Posters

In an attempt to push Hollywood to the edge of its creative ability while trying to use older franchises, someone decided to make mashup posters of movies like Finding Nemo & Jurrasic Park, American Beauty & The Terminator and Toy Story & The Godfather, creating a whole new cinematic universe with incredible possibilities.

Finding Nemo & Jurassic Park

Finding Nemo Jurassic Park

I’m not sure Marlin and Dory would have lasted in a see infested with Dinosaurs.

Jim Carry Compilation

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind/ Bruce Alimghty/ The Truman Show all in one.

Lion King & Jaws

Lion King & Jaws

If Simba’s the one underwater, than where’s the Great White Shark?

Star Wars & Kill Bill

Star Wars & Kill Bill

As a big Uma Thurman hater, I really hope they don’t cast her in the next Star Wars, if anyone was even thinking that.

The Godfather & Toy Story

Toy Story Godfather

Woody has a dark side we’ve never been introduced to. Buzz didn’t make it past the toll booth.

The Terminator & American Beauty

The Terminator & American Beauty

As creepy as it looks and sounds, I’d pay good money to see Arnold Schwarzenegger play the role of a teenage cheerleader.

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Artist: mpar