Nintendo announces no Major keynotes at this year’s E3

E3 is slowly looming around the corner, and with strong pressure from both Sony and Microsoft, can Nintendo continue to impress this year?


Whether you’re a fan of Nintendo or not, this year’s E3 is lining up to be ferocious, with two next-gen consoles being revealed, and several highly anticipated titles in the horizon. But having launched the Wii U ahead of the current console generation and offering fans an early access to its content, and judging by the curve of last generation’s Wii sales, it’s hard to say if Nintendo will keep its sales high in the upcoming battle against the coming competition from its major competitors.

Fans of the company will unfortunately have to forget about a wowing presentation this year, and keep their memories of Shigeru Myiamoto appearing on stage with a sword and shield fresh. Nintendo has announced it will not be having a major keynote in this year’s E3, to the disappointment of many. With the unveiling of the PS4 and the new Xbox from its competitors, and Nintendo having no hardware to show off this year, the Japanese developer mentioned that it will instead have two smaller keynotes focused on distributors and the media instead. Consumers who are eager to receive more news and updates on their product can expect a lot from the company’s internal stream: Nintendo Direct.

While the lack of hardware coming out of Nintendo this year is no big surprise to anyone, it’s unfortunate for many to see Nintendo opting out of making a solid presence against its two major competitors. It’s a ferocious market, and with critics debating about who actually “won” E3, it’s odd to see Nintendo bow out of its presentation this year, in favor of a more market oriented approach to its upcoming releases.

Source: Engadget

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