Pancake Robot Takes Over Breakfast

With this wonderfully geeky creation, we’re one step closer to having hassle-free pancakes whenever we want. Cooking robots can be seen in a variety of fictional works, especially strange Rube Goldberg machines such as the one in Back to the Future. These robots are almost always seen cooking breakfast, too, as opposed to lunch or dinner. I’d imagine that’s because we rarely want to do anything early in the morning, let alone cook up a delicious breakfast. This pancake robot by Mexican Viking dispenses pancake batter in a pre-programmed manner, allowing you to even churn out shapes beyond the simple round by programming coordinates rather than making them manually each time.

LEGO Pancake Bot

LEGO Pancake Bot 2

LEGO Pancake Bot 3

LEGO Pancake Bot 4

As if this weren’t enough, the machine is built primarily out of LEGO blocks, giving it an infinitely geekier touch. Overall, the design isn’t unlike a printer, with the dispenser being moved along a track to glide down the length of the griddle, dispensing batter at the locations it’s programmed to. The pictures and the detailed instructions that he gives explain the actual mechanics far better than I could even attempt to. After seeing the complete setup, it’s easy to wonder how the plastic blocks don’t melt from the griddle’s heat, and you can see that the designer covered some of the closer areas with foil. Still, one has to wonder what long-term use and heat exposure could do to the intricate and awesome device. The pancake bot still isn’t 100% complete, and he plans on modifying the Batter Delivery Unit further to give more reliable and accurate results. Until then, check out the video he’s made to see this thing in action. For some other awesome creations he’s done, don’t miss his Star Wars AT-AT Snow Sculpture and Ride-able Tauntaun Snow Sculpture.